Everything Except the Overhead™

44 Fast Benefits:  Clients can have now when they use USS Managed Staffing.

  1. Complete management of contingent workforce
  2. Real-time financial control across the entire enterprise
  3. Enforced corporate purchasing processes
  4. Lower bill rates through reverse auction
  5. Leverage of all available supplier discounts
  6. Ensure rate compliance
  7. Objective measurement of supplier performance and quality
  8. Reduced time to fill
  9. Electronic time sheet and expense management
  10. Strategic cost management
  11. Co-employment protection
  12. Higher quality communication to suppliers
  13. Ensure rate compliance
  14. Control of spending across all labor categories
  15. Integration with ERP and legacy systems
  16. Configurable workflow process
  17. Expand supplier base with no effort
  18. Access to reliable, real-time data
  19. Generate custom reports
  20. Enhanced communication with suppliers
  21. IVR Technology
  22. Increase productivity. Internal users are able to do more with less effort
  23. Electronic requisitions and approvals
  24. All you need is web access
  25. Contingent worker report card
  26. Achieve MBE/WBE goals
  27. Reduce liabilities related to HR issues
  28. Eliminate timesheet fraud
  29. Lower incidence of overtime and inaccurate or misallocated billing
  30. Simultaneous broadcast to multiple suppliers
  31. Multiple currency and language capability
  32. Greater customer service
  33. Reduced customer headcount and administrative costs
  34. Rapid response time
  35. Match and review candidates by skill and availability
  36. Increased FICA recapture
  37. Monitor supplier performance
  38. Gather and analyze contractor performance data
  39. Rate standardization
  40. Economies of scale due to concentration of spending volume
  41. Elimination of master service, administration and subcontracting fees
  42. Improved monitoring of service level agreement with suppliers
  43. Reduce suppliers operating costs
  44. Track candidate compliance of government business
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