USS Medical Credentialing, Safety, and Screening Center.

  • Manned by Medical specialists, our comprehensive employee-screening program includes:
  • Pre-Screening – The employee is pre-screened by phone to assure that he/she is licensed and has at least two (2) years worth of clinical experience in the area to be assigned.
  • License Verification – The employees license / certification is verified with the appropriate State Licensing Board.
  • Application – An extensive application is completed, including appropriate license verification, past education and work history.
  • Skills Inventory – Applicants complete a comprehensive skill inventory that is kept on file and updated annually.
  • Testing – All applicants are tested for:
    • Basic clinical skills including a pharmacology exam.
    • Skills specific to their department and position. A passing grade of 75% or better must be obtained before an employee is placed.
  • Fire, Safety, Infection Control – An annual review of Fire & Safety, Infection Control and OSHA standards are required for all USS temporary employees and shall be documented in the employees record.
  • Interview – The Director of USS and appointed recruiter interviews all prospective employees. During the interview process, we assess the previous work history, clinical expertise. At this time, information and performance requirements are given to the applicant regarding policies and procedures of the institutions in which we serve. We also provide specialized testing that is required.
  • References – At least two (2) work related references are required. No employee will be placed without above average references. Telephone references are documented.
  • Health/ TB Test – A physician statement is required signifying that the applicant has had a satisfactory medical examination including a TB test or Chest X-Ray within the past year. Physicals will also include proof of MMR, HEP-B and Varicella screening and all other requirements of the State Public Health Law and Regulation.
  • Placement and Orientation – Assignment of the employee is made by the Director s of USS Medical and/or his or her designee in connection with the staffing coordinators, according to the skill and expertise of the individual and the needs of the institutions.
  • Evaluations – Evaluation of employees are completed after the initial assignment and at periodic intervals thereafter.

Employee Files – A complete and current file is kept on all employees, including application, licenses, malpractice, CPR, test results, references, physician statement, medical history and any continuing education course completed. An employee’s file contains appropriate documentation relative to the applicant’s identity, work authorization and residency status as required by INS rule.

Our experienced recruiters work closely with clients to customize orientations for each facility. We encourage clients to provide proprietary written materials, outlining their policies and procedures for our employees to review before beginning their first assignment. This will ensures the candidates receive proper policy and procedure instructions before starting their first day of the assignment.

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