Insource Control – Outsource Costtm

Companies can realize an average of 25%-45% cost reduction.

USS Solutions are extremely scalable and work for Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees, to mezzanine, start-ups with only one.

Combining the power of the Internet with flexible workforce management solutions to produce dramatic improvements in acquiring and managing contingent, contract and part-time employees. USS provides organizations with the ability to control staffing levels, improve employee performance, streamline administration, mitigate risk and typically reduce annual expenditures. Organizations have the opportunity to implement a solution that best meets their culture, risk tolerance and business model.

Cost Savings
Our Managed Staffing Partnership program allows you to achieve greater control of contingent labor spend and cost-containment:

  • Improved Recruiting Efficiencies having one point of contact while using the recruiting strength of multiple firms operating in their niche specialties.
  • Improved candidate quality due to standardized screening and assessment requirements for all candidates submitted to your open jobs in addition to improved contingent employee management using elite’s ongoing quality assurance and continuous improvement measures.
  • Improved time-to-fill through a streamlined communication model and standardized candidate submittal process working through your elite Human Capital Group Management Team.


 VMS Technology Solutions

This solution best fits clients who wish to maintain management of their program in-house and already have one or more staffing providers on which they rely. The addition of the software provides them with the following:

  • Management of entire requisition and fulfillment process
  • Electronic timekeeping and billing
  • Reduction of administrative time/cost for HR and Finance
  • Tracking of company-determined metrics to monitor and measure program and
  • provider performance
  • Reporting on usage and spend


VMS Technology and Consulting Solutions

Many clients wish to maintain the management of their contingent workforce, however, do not have a centralized program in place. They call upon our experience and expertise to design a program that supports achievement of their business objectives. Additional benefits include:

  • Program designed to support business objectives
  • Support in implementing an effective program
  • Assistance in negotiation and selection of staffing providers
  • Ongoing program review and support


RPO: Recruiting Process Outsourced

Total outsourced solution designed, implemented and managed by USS, Large volume users and/or decentralized, multiple locations with various contingent employee requirements typically describes clients who benefit from this solution. Additional benefits to this level of partnership include:

  • Program design, implementation and management
  • Executive oversight
  • On-site/ off –site program management
  • Results measured weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually against agreed upon metrics

Glossary of Managed Staffing Terms

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