VIP Payroll

“When Head Counts Don’t Count!”

(USS) VIP Payroll Transfer Program
When Head Counts Don’t Count!

The 50 Cost Savings

Is a flexible outsourcing solution designed to reduce the cost and simplify the process of payroll administration!

It’s Easy.
Clients transfer employees or candidates that they have found on to the payroll of (USS) VIP Payroll Transfer Program, and we do the paperwork and become the employer of record.

(USS) VIP Payroll Transfer Program TM
When Head Counts Don’t Count!
Is responsible for the entire payroll process including all associated payroll taxes through annual W-2′s. and, as the employer of record is liable for federal and state unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance.

It’s Simple.
The Client keeps control of your employees. You set pay rates, assign jobs, and manage their day-to-day ongoing activities. There is no minimum usage required and there is no long term or exclusive contract. No conversion fee and Clients decide the length of time of employment and when to remove the employee from the (USS) VIP Payroll Transfer Program.

It Works In All 50 States.

(USS) VIP Payroll Transfer Program When You Want To:

  • Manage summer help, interns, or contractors for specific projects more efficiently.
  • Sourced a new employee but prefer a trial period to evaluate further
  • Find a great candidate, but your company is on hiring freeze, though it allows for temporary employees
  • Want to add employees, but are a small company without payroll capabilities and are ready to hire staff.
  • Need to reduce employee payroll paperwork, processing time and overhead costs
  • Need to minimize time and effort spent learning and complying with federal and state employment regulations
  • Need to reduce the unexpected hidden costs associated with hiring and termination

And Clients Save Tons Of Cash!

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