As part of our “Putting America Back to Work” campaign, United Staffing Solutions (USS) will pay you (or any non-profit organization of your choosing) up to $5,000 for personally introducing us to a company that uses our services for the placement of temporary and/or permanent positions.

How does the program work?

  1. “Spot” a job through friends, family, or other connections.
  2. Connect USS with the job.
  3. USS pays you for every hour that we bill.


Let’s say you hear from your friend that his or her company is looking for an HR assistant (Step 1).

You would then fill out the JobzSpotter application and submit (Step 2).

A USS representative will contact you to discuss the application and verify the information. We will then contact the client and set up individuals to interview for the position. On the day that the job is filled USS will pay you for every hour billed for the next 2 years, up to $5,000 (Step 3).

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