Great news came out on July 15 for job seekers looking to try temporary employment. The popularity of temporary positions is increasing. “Demand for temporary workers in the United States is expected to increase 19.1% on a seasonally adjusted basis for the 2021 third quarter, when compared with the same period in 2020,” GlobeNewswire states per the Palmer ForecastTM. They go on to say “the increase in demand principally reflects economic recovery from the pandemic-related business lockdown a year ago and the US economy getting back to a more normal place.”


There are many great advantages to working in temporary employment. Below you will find the many reasons you should take that temp position.

  • If you work hard enough and show your worth the job can result in a permanent position. During this temporary period, the employer and employee see how their chemistry works together without fully committing. If the employer likes your work, you have the potential of being working permanently. In the staffing and recruiting industry, this is called “temp-to-perm”.
  • You can take short-term jobs while waiting for your dream position. You don’t want to be stressed out about money while trying to find your dream job. The great thing about taking a temp position is that it doesn’t last forever and won’t stop you from looking for that new job.
  • It can raise your self-esteem. If you’ve been out of work for a while landing a temp job can show you that you’re worth it and smart enough to get a job. It is also a good way to add and better your skillset.
  • It looks good on your resume. Continuous employment is something that employers are looking at when they read a resume. Taking more temporary jobs will leave out gaps and add value to your professional experience.
  • It is a good way to network. Forbes points out that taking a temporary job will let you “nurture relationships with co-workers during your assignment. You never know where a contact may lead you, and who they might be able to refer you to for future jobs”.
  • It can help you figure out what you want to do long-term. Not knowing what you want to do after high school or college can be very stressful. Trying diverse temporary jobs in different industries can help you decide what you’re exactly looking for.


Hopefully, these advantages will show you that temporary employment can be very beneficial to a job seeker and can help you when deciding whether or not to take a temporary role.