It’s totally natural to be nervous before a job interview. After surveying 2,018 people, JDP reported that 93% of Americans have experienced anxiety before an interview. This normally stems from not knowing what the interviewer is going to ask and not having control of the situation. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can curb those nerves.


  1. Prepare and research

You should do all your research on the company and position before the interview day. Check out their website, LinkedIn, and any other social media they may have. Another good tip is to go on Glassdoor and search the company. Here you can find potential interview questions and insight. Conducting thorough research will give you confidence on the big day.


  1. Make sure you know your resume

Whether you wrote your resume or paid someone to do it you should know what is on there. Your summary and skills section should be accurate to your abilities. Your job history and descriptions should be factual and easy to further describe when asked.


  1. Practice with a friend (or in front of a mirror)

I know it might sound silly and a little uncomfortable to do a mock interview but it really does help. If you don’t have anyone around to practice with you can do it in front of a mirror. This way you can hear what you sound like and practice your responses.


  1. Get to the interview early

Make sure you arrive at the interview early so you have time to relax and go over your notes. The last thing you want on your interview day is to stress about being late.


  1. Eat before

You have to ensure that you’re eating before you go to the job interview. When you’re hungry it can make you more stressed out and more worried. According to Winward Academy, good breakfast brain foods to eat before the interview include eggs, nuts, yogurt, and cottage cheese. You can combine that with whole-grain cereal, eggs, toast with jelly, or oatmeal.


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