Searching for a new job can be stressful and draining. There are a lot of benefits when working with a recruiter. “A recruiter can help open doors to your dream company, provide input on your marketing materials, and coach you on what works and doesn’t work during interviews for a specific client – all things that can be extremely valuable during your job search,” states Top Resume. Below are 5 tips for working with a recruiter:


  • Make Sure you Have an Updated Resume

Having an updated resume will ensure that the recruiter is matching you to the right position. Include a separate document with references and double-check to make sure that your references haven’t changed their number or email. If you need tips on how to craft a perfect resume, click here.


  • Respond to the Recruiter Quickly 

Indeed points out that “responding to messages from recruiters quickly shows respect and eagerness in your job search. A fast response can also help you seize any time-sensitive opportunities, such as same-day interviews.”


  • You Have to be Open

A recruiter might present you with a job opportunity that you have never thought about before or saw yourself in. If you show that you’re open then the recruiter will be more willing to put you for that position instead of passing over you.


  • Don’t be Afraid to ask Questions

You need to know if the recruiter is the right person for you. Ask them questions about certain job opportunities and potential employers. K Force provided potential questions you can ask:

  • What type of roles do you fill?
  • What industries do you work in?
  • Do you work with a team of recruiters?
  • How long has this position been open, and when will it close?
  • What are the top reasons candidates haven’t been chosen?
  • What is the need for this role?
  • What kind of candidate is the employer looking for?


  • Don’t Try and Contact the Employer Directly

It can be seen as disrespectful if you contact the employer directly after talking to the recruiter. “Once you are in the process of working with recruiters and interviewing with the client employer, this is a no-no. Doing so is the same as going over the recruiter’s head. Trust your recruiter to see you through the process,” Live Career indicates.


If you decide to work with a recruiter you should always thank them when it is over. Sending a quick thank you email can secure your relationship and be helpful the next time you’re looking for a job.


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