A phone interview is how you make your first personality impression on a company or a recruiter. It’s important to treat this interview as you would an in-person interview. Check out our tips below for nailing your phone interview.


Have Notes

The best thing about a phone interview and not an in-person interview is you can have notes in front of you and not remember all your answers. You should get yourself comfortable with common phone interview questions. Put these talking notes either on your computer or in a notebook. This will make you sound more confident and not as nervous.


Make Sure You’re in a Quiet and Comfortable Place

Wherever you decide to take the phone interview (e.g., a café, your apartment/house, or the park) just remember that you should be comfortable and the interviewer can hear you. You don’t want a lot of distracting sounds in the background. The best way to do this is by using headphones. “They’ll minimize surrounding noise and help you to further focus on the conversation – and only the conversation,” The Muse points out.


Conduct Thorough Research  

You should completely understand the position you’re applying for, what the company does and who is interviewing you. You don’t want to seem like it is the first time you’re hearing about the company during the interview.


Ask Questions

When the interview concludes the interviewer typically asks ‘Do you have any questions for me?’. Job Hunt advises that “asking good questions about the company vision, challenges, or products can help convey your interest in the opportunity and provide you with more insight on whether you want the job.”


Send a Follow-up Thank You Email

To show your appreciation for the interview and further your interest in the position, you should send a follow-up email saying thank you. It should be sent within 2 days of the phone interview.


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